Clinical Medicine: Identify the major surface muscles located

Subject: Health Care / Clinical Medicine
1 Identify the major surface muscles located in the body and list the following for each: origin, insertion, intended action, an exercise or movement that utilizes the muscle. A minimum of 15 muscles is required. After you create this list, define and describe how this information applies to what you will be doing as a future personal trainer. (Note: the 250-word minimum applies.)

2 Perform a posture test on yourself and a friend. What, if any, deviations did you find? Are there certain exercises and stretches that should be performed to correct these deviations?

3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four technologies of training equipment in training general populations? In sports training? In bodybuilding for muscle mass?

4 Practice computing reps, sets, weight and training frequency on at least 3 friends and yourself. Compare your results and explain the differences between them (i.e. total volume, reps, sets, weight used, split routine, goal of the individual, rest periods, temp of the movement, total time in the gym each session, etc.).

5 Find at least five Internet or magazine articles/advertisements which depict an exercise or health myth. Why do you think that the media and advertisers are pushing these myths? What should the article or advertisement say that would make the fallacy correct?

6 Visit with a chiropractor and discuss as many of the therapeutic modalities as he/she uses. Where would you, the personal trainer, fit into the chiropractor’s rehabilitation practice?”>

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