CHFD 312 – Large amount of the educational rights of children

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
We have discovered in this class that a large amount of the educational rights of children with disabilities
has happened in the more recent history. There still is pressure to reverse many of these rights. One part
of that push back can be measured by lawsuits filed against schools and educators because parents
believe they are infringing on their educational rights. Yes, while we have rights we also have to fight for
them. For this assignment, you will choose one of the six procedural safeguards to IDEA (zero reject,
least restrictive education environment, due process, parental participation, non-discriminatory
evaluation, or free and appropriate education) and…..
2) Write a descriptive analysis of the particular procedural safeguard you chose, then…..
3) Research a court case using the online library- specifically Lexus Nexus Legal Search Case Search
Engine RECOMMENDED, or Fastcase. This assignment is NOT something you can google or use other
websites to complete. You will seek out a procedural safeguard that was argued in a court of law. In your
case analysis of the procedural safeguard, be sure to
– describe who the plaintiffs and defendants were in the case,
– analyze each side’s arguments were, and
– analyze what the overall outcome of the case was and why it is important.
– you will need a summary paragraph that details what happened and what could have been done to
prevent this case from going to court as well as your personal thoughts. Please cite your work with quotations, in-text citations, and a reference list. I do not want APA format
other than the method used for references and citation. The rest of the paper should not be in APA
Special note- I do not want to see this copied from the source. This assignment needs to be written in
your own words. I will allow up to 10% of this assignment to have quoted material included and only if it
is significantly important to the point. Please do not submit anything that turnitin will come back higher
than 15% similar or a revision is necessary.
This assignment will be at least 1000 words in length, not including references.

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