A character is determined by three alleles

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A character is determined by three alleles (M,N,O). Which of the following is FALSE about their dominance relative to each other___ ?

a.allele O could be dominant over N, and co-dominant with M.

b.allele M can be dominant over N, but recessive to O.

c.if allele M is dominant over N, then it is also dominant over O.

Gene interactions can produce novel phenotypes because of all of the following reasons, EXCEPT___

a.alleles are segregated independently into gametes, but their products can be present together in diploid cells.

b.Mendel’s law of independent assortment is violated.

c. the expression of a given genotype can mask the phenotype from another locus.

In a case of multiple alleles, such as the ABO blood groups___

a.there is always incomplete dominance between intermediate alleles.

b.there are always multiple recessive alleles.

c.there can be multiple dominant and recessive alleles.

d.there are always multiple dominant alleles.

In a case of “x” multiple alleles for a locus in a diploid species, the number of possible phenotypes in an individual can be calculated as _____

a. x/2

b. it depends on the dominance order of the alleles

c. (x*x)/2

Consider a red-flowered plant that crossed to a red-flowered plant gives red-flowered progeny, but when crossed to a white-flowered plant that produces pink-flowered progeny… This could be an example of … (choose all that apply)

a.Environmental influence


c.Incomplete penetrance

d.Incomplete expressivity

Dominance is “complete” when a heterozygote…

a.has a weaker phenotype than a homozygote

b.has the same phenotype as a homozygote

c.has a phenotype different than the homozygous recessive in 100% of the progeny

Which of the following factors can usually make it hard to characterize a genetic condition in humans___

a.Humans have long generation times. b.Human genetics does not follow Mendelian rules of segregation.

c.Good genealogic records are hard to compile.

d.It is usually difficult to know the real parents of an individual.


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