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11. What theory best explains a scenario where India develops similar political views to France, despite the fact that France was unaware of Indian political philosophies until recently?

A) Modernization Theory

B) Classical Theory

C) Rational-Choice Theory

D) Marxist Theory

12. Thomas Hobbes wrote that “the life of man [is] solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and __________.”

A) endless

B) tiring

C) short

D) depressing

13. Which of the following is most consistent with the idea of a social contract?

A) Government should be limited to ensure individual freedom.

B) Individuals join and stay in civil society.

C) Citizens prefer solitary lives to living in groups.

D) Citizens are more concerned with their own social situation than the community.

14. Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau would likely agree on which of the following?

A) Individuals join and stay in civil society

B) Life is nasty and brutish

C) Power resided with the proletariat

D) The importance of empirical research

15. Which of the following was of greatest concern to John Locke?

A) Freedom of speech for all

B) Power resided with the proletariat

C) The right to property

D) Voting rights

16. Social contracts, the state of nature, and civil society are phrases that are best associated with __________.

A) the contractualists

B) Marxists

C) behavioralism

D) systems theory

17. If __________ were alive, he might suggest that poor academic performance in schools could be attributed to a society that does not promote education and provides few resources devoted to schools.

A) John Locke

B) Jean-Jacques Rousseau

C) Thomas Hobbes

D) Machiavelli

18. Which of the following is most consistent with the concept of the “general will” according to Rousseau?

A) Creating a park for the citizens to enjoy

B) Using public dollars so that some citizens can attend private schools

C) Offering tax breaks to one auto manufacturing plant

D) Low turnout in elections

19. Karl Marx used the term __________ to refer to everything built on top of the economy.

A) the social contract

B) institutions

C) behavioralism

D) superstructure

20. __________ favor social and economic change to help the poor.

A) Conservatives

B) Leftists

C) Bourgeoisie

D) Zeitgeists