Chapter 1- SBU Product Selection and Description 

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Chapter 1: SBU Product Selection and Description 1.1 SBU Product Selection In selecting the product to be sold by the SBU, there were numerous different ideas, however after some discussion on the importance of the selection of needed products, it was decided that there were three different products that were viable. The three options are Environmental friendly multi used food containers Smart Phone case, Smart USB-PEN. These products were selected based on a small survey done using about 20 people. 10 different products were introduced to them and checked the most import products which will full fill their need. 1.1.1 Environmental friendly multi used food containers In the modern world food containers have become one of the basic needs of people. Food containers supported people in different ways in their day to day life. There are different kinds of food containers available in the market. Most of these containers are plastic and they are not degradable and not environmentally friendly. Tons of plastic removed from households, schools, companies...etc per day. Last couple of decade’s people innovated different types of plastics which are degradable. Also there are different types of containers available in the today market for different level of people to full fill their needs on the food storage. The new environmentally friendly multi used food containers will be a turning point in the market, if it can be successfully deliver to the competitive market. These containers will be made of carton which is strong, less weight and most importantly environmentally feasible and easily recyclable. Also the containers are of different shapes; boxes, bottle shape and 1.1.2 Smart Phone case Phone cases have become very famous in these days especially with the innovation of smart valuable smart phones. These phones are generally expensive and most of the people tend to buy protectors or phone covers for their phone. Therefore phone covers have good market and most...