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Week 8 discussion

Last Minute Writing Questions

In this final week, I invite you to post any questions you may have about Grammar, Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling , or on anything else we've covered in the class. Or more importantly, what we DIDN'T cover. You may have a question about a comment I included in your feedback files.

If you have no questions about chronically difficult English challenges for you personally, you may simply respond, "No questions at this time."

Please try to post early in the week to give me a chance to consult the grammar oracle, and don't be shy!


A Chance for Extra Credit

For a maximum of five points, begin a new thread here and describe an issue you are currently dealing with that you think you can address in a written communication. Briefly describe the issue, and what you have learned from the class content and discussions with your colleagues here that you think would help you in either formulating the communication or revising the communication. The issue can be professional, academic, or personal.

Do not write the communication here. Simply describe it, and what tools you have gained that you can use to prepare or revise your response.

Two paragraphs, or about 200 words, max for your response.