For this discussion, choose a type of cell that has not already been chosen by another student and answer the following questions. This list of questions is not inclusive, so feel free to add in other information that you might find that is relevant to the topic.   However, do not ignore any of the questions below!  Make sure you mention all your resources.

  1. What type of cell is it? (Please do NOT confuse Cells and their Organelles!!!)
  2. What type of organism is the cell found in?
  3. Where in the organism is the cell found?
  4. What is its function or duty?
  5. How does it contribute to the ability of the organism to maintain homeostasis?
  6. Describe the cell’s characteristics. Are there organelles?
  7. Does the cell contain components that are unique to that type of cell?
  8. Can the cell reproduce, if so, how does this occur?
  9. Is this type of cell found in other organisms?


Do NOT copy and paste from the Internet. You MAY use quotes from a source, but those quotes will NOT count towards your 300-word count requirement. Please do not plagiarize. If you use a quote, you MUST put quotation marks around it AND you MUST cite the source at the end of your post. It is NOT simply enough to put a source at the end. You should also include at least one reference in your post. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source.


Please use this Reference


Essentials of Biology 6th Edition (2021)

The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.


1. Compare and contrast, in depth, the cellular processes of mitosis and meiosis. Include interphase in your explanation. Chromosomal movement and status must be included in your answer. You may include a diagram to explain your answer but you must Read More …

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