ccjs100 week 6 discussion (dq1+dq2) latest 2016

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Week 6 discussion

Topic #1: The reading on community corrections notes that “70% of offenders are not in jail or prison but supervised within the community”. Did this figure surprise you? What are your thoughts about community corrections?

Topic #2: In the reading on Offender Reentry, the author states, “Between 1973 and 2005, the number of people incarcerated in state and federal prisons increased by over 600%. There are now over 1.5 million people living in America’s prisons, translating to an incarceration rate of 496 per 100,000 population (Sabol, Couture, & Harrison, 2007). If the jail population is included, the incarceration rate increases to 751 per 100,000 population and the number of people imprisoned in America totals over 2.3 million”.

Discuss your reaction to these figures.