Do you have the case study solution for Merger integration at bank of America the trust web project? Here are the questions:

Question 1

(a) Highlight the project challenges faced by Mike Morris according to the context given in the case paper.

(b) Define the business and project objectives for the TrustWeb project in Bank of America.

(c) Identify the critical success factors of the TrustWeb project, and translate these factors into measurable Key Performance Indicators.

Question 2

(a) Analyze the stakeholders in the TrustWeb project and map these stakeholders onto a power and concern grid and a salience model.

(b) Analyze the people, process and technology requirements of the TrustWeb project, and recommend, with justification, a suitable SDLC model to this project.

(c) Comment on the implication of Agile manifesto against the situation faced in the TrustWeb project.

Question 3

(a) Construct an integration framework for the TrustWeb project.

(b) Develop a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) for the TrustWeb project with appropriate assumptions and constraints.

(c) Identify 6 user stories covering minimum value set of key stakeholders' need in the TrustWeb project.

Question 4

(a) Identify three most significant risks and analyze these risk exposures in the TrustWeb project.

(b) Develop appropriate risk avoidance, transfer, acceptance and migration actions for the three risk items.

(c) Assuming parts of the TrustWeb project were to be outsourced, comment on the procurement considerations that Mike Morris needs to pay close attention to ensure the project's success. Question


(a) Establish an appropriate project management organization for the TrustWeb project.

(b) Identify the project management data needs and recommend an appropriate project monitoring and control for successful execution of the TrustWeb project.

(c) Discuss the challenges in communications management, and recommend remediation actions to overcome these challenges in the TrustWeb project.