Read the following discussion post and develop a response to the post.
What should the Gardner Company consider when selecting a new person to manage the Carey Plant?

Personally I think the company should promote within. My company for instance promotes within. I work at a grocery store and all of the upper management and even the owner of the company have worked at the bottom levels. I think it has a lot to do with the culture of the company. The culture of the company is family oriented and everyone treats each other like family and everyone is committed to the company and wants the company to succeed. Because we promote within, employees work harder. All levels are notified about what is going on in the business and the short term and long term goals and changes. Not just that but each assistant and all managers are trained continuously so that if a position is opened up than several employees already have training on how to do that position and then the most qualified is promoted. Promoting someone within the company is beneficial because the person will know how the company operates, its culture, and the negatives and positives within the company.

However, sometimes a company cannot find someone within the company to promote. For instance, my current boss was just hired on at Safeway. Safeway is currently our biggest competitor. The reason she was hired I think is because Safeway wants to bring in some new managing ides. Our company is doing so well compared to other grocery stores. Our local Raley’s for instance went out of business (very sad and lots of peoples lost their jobs) and the local Safeway is having a hard time competing with us and is losing business. Safeway offered my boss much more than what she was making working for Holiday (so I was told). Safeway decided it was better to bring in an outsider from another store that already has plenty of experience and is part of the reason why our grocery store is doing so well. I don’t know what the outcome will be but I have a feeling that for Safeway, hiring an outsider was a better option than promoting within. The reason why is because my “soon to be past boss” has experience with managing grocery operations and has been successful and she will bring in fresh ideas.

I think the Gardner Company should look for candidates both within the company and outside the company first. Then choose the one that has the most experience and someone that fits the company’s culture so that the person can connect with their future employees. I think the selection of Bill May will be alright but not great because he has an MBA and has worked in the Finance Department of Gardner, but he doesn’t seem confident enough in himself. He is already pointing out negatives of managing the Carey Plant. Most of all he doesn’t have any experience with line management and also does not have a strong technical background. I personally would promote someone within the Carey Plant because and if the company can’t find someone suitable enough, than find someone outside the company that has experience with that type of management.
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