BUSS 443 Final Exam – International Strategy

Subject: Business    / General Business
BUSS 443 International Strategy
Final Exam _______________________
(your name) This exam consists of 7 questions and is worth a total of 100 points. Answer all questions. Answers
to questions are to be typed, single spaced, of length no more than ½ page for each of the seven
questions, with 1" margins and type point not less than 12. Assignment is due Saturday of Week 8.

1) (15 points) The use of different national currencies creates a barrier to further growth in
international business activity. What are the pros and cons, among companies and governments, of
replacing national currencies with regional currencies? Do you think a global currency would be
possible someday? Why or why not?
2) (15 points) Do you think an international monetary system with currencies valued on the basis of
gold would work today? Why or why not? Do you think implementing a global version of the old
European monetary system would work today? Why or why not?
3) (10 points) Compare and contrast multinational strategy and global strategy. When is each
4) (15 points) What are the three main difficulties of conducting research in international markets?
Explain each briefly.
5) (15 points) Not all companies “go international” by first exporting, then using contracts, and then
investing in other markets. How does a company’s product influence the process of going
international? How (if at all) does technology, such as the Internet, affect the process of going
6) (15 points) Identify several factors that influence the choice between a push and a pull strategy.
7) (15 points) Companies around the world are increasingly committing themselves to attaining
International Standards Organization (ISO) certification in a variety of areas, including quality and
pollution minimization. Do you think this is just the beginning of a trend toward worldwide
homogenization of product and process standards? Do you think that someday all companies and
their products will need certification in order to conduct international business? Explain your
answers. 1