BUSN460 SENIOR PRO-What are some strategies for expansion(issue/recommendation)

BUSN460 SENIOR PRO-What are some strategies for expansion(issue/recommendation)

BUSN460 SENIOR PRO-What are some strategies for expansion(issue/recommendation)

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Please help in writing a 250 word response to the below transcript. What are some strategies for expansion(issue/recommendation), like identifying personnel to handle the expansion that CanGo faces?


Elizabeth: -and it involves getting into a new market.

Gail: Okay, let’s go to it.

Andrew: If the main issue is control, there’s ways to protect ourselves andour interests.

Elizabeth: This is my company.

Maria: And if heads are going to roll, they say start at the top.

Warren: Yes!

Narrator: Welcome to the Mastering Economics episode “Economic Way ofThinking”.

Elizabeth: All right, look, we’ve had our successes, but now we have to lookto the future. What’s going to help us grow? Turn us into amighty oak?

Maria: Fertilizer.

Elizabeth: No, come on. No, branching out. Trees need to branch out. Ifthey’re confined they’ll die.

Andrew: Or grow in a very straight line.

Maria: Boring.

Elizabeth: All right, look, we are operating on a super highway. The possibilities for us are fairly endless. We sell books; now why not sell e-books? What about streaming audio and video? We could offer that.

Andrew: I think we need to be broader than that. I mean what’s cutting edge? Hip? Hot? Online gaming is riding a wave. MP3 files are the preferred way to listen to use music.

Clark: I agree. Expanse into new ventures is always popular with investors when you’re going for the IPO.

Ethel: But we’re not settled on an IPO yet, are we?Elizabeth: No, no. Not yet. Not yet.

Clark: But if we continue to grow we will need to raise capital, and unless someone’s been hiding a wealthy relative somewhere, it’s going to be an IPO.

Ethel: We’re talking about expanding so quickly.Clark: Which means that everyone in this room is going to make a lot of money.

Warren: Here here.

Clark: Especially – especially Diamond Liz.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, Diamond Liz.[Change Scenery]Warren: So you’re saying we don’t have any money. Is that why we have these so-called sandwiches for lunch?

Ethel: Listen, new development is the key to the future.Andrew: Grow or die, that’s how dot-coms work.

Elizabeth: Well, we’re all in agreement about that, Andrew. But we just don’t have the funds to bring in new people for all these new ventures right now.

Andrew: Well I just don’t want the competition to leave us in the dust.

Elizabeth: I understand that, but Maria and I feel that we have existing employees that we could bring up and put into these positions without upending the bottom.

Warren: Whoa. That’s going to cost you something,

Liz. I mean you’ve got this lineup that works, you can’t just mess with it without expecting some consequences. You know, nothing’s for free.

Andrew: Oh, except this hockey puck. I mean lunch.

Narrator: Now move on to the brief summary of concepts and then to theinteractive exercises.

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