Business: Researching The Container Store – Organization Behavior

Subject: Business    / General Business

As discussed in class, we will be researching The Container Store. Here are our instructions:

Locatea list of the 100 best companies to work for by using a search engine.

Research companies from that list to ensure sufficient information is available to review the Organizational Behavior environment of that company.

Look for the following key words: amplifying effect, pro-social behaviors, positive deviance, conscious capitalism.

Selectone of the companies as a team.

Createa 700-word analysis of the team’s chosen organization and its climate regarding organizational behavior.

Include the following in your review:

Does this organization encourage positive Organizational Behavior? (Obviously, it wouldn’t have made the list 17 years in a row if the answer was ‘no’.)
How do they demonstrate this?
What type of Organizational Behavior do they seem to encourage?

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Here are a couple links that talk about the organizational climate: