Business Law

You are advising a colleague on a case in which the employer noticed a number of irregularities in the accountant reports while he was on vacation. Your colleagues calls you and tells you that she learned that the local police will be meeting with federal agents to determine whether the accountant will be charged with embezzlement by either federal agents or state law enforcement officers.

    Write a letter to your colleague explaining the differences between federal and state criminal courts and how each of them might deal with this case. (60%)
    What are some examples of other cases where the federal government would have jurisdiction along with the state? (20%)

Select one of the examples of cases that are considered to be both federal and state criminal cases, and answer the following question:

    If you were a lawyer for the defendant, which court would you want to review the case? Why?

Deliverable Length: 2-3 paragraphs
Please provide APA citation and references