Business Law Question

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Dillon v. Champion Jogbra (Ch 18, p 632) Danny v. Laidlaw Transit Services (Ch 18, p 639) Sharkey v. J.P. Morgan Chase (Ch 18, p 647) Descotiis v. Whittemore (Ch 18, p 662) Collins v. Gee West Seattle LLC (Ch 19, p 686) Wittenburg v. American Express (Ch 19, p 692) Proudfoot Consulting v. Gordon (Ch 19, p 708) 2-3 pages total, must select two case studies. don’t worry about formatting, I can do that. the questions are in the text, employment law for human resource practice, 2013 walsh. I can provide a picture of the text once you select the ones you want to do. please don’t offer if you have garbage or no ratings.