PERSONAL OBSERVATION ON BUSINESS ETHICS.   Please Note:   YOUR Answers should be based only on your personal experiences and observations.  Please do not copy from the internet or from  the answers of your classmates.  

a)	In your own understanding, why do you think that it is very important for the UAE Federal Government and all governments entire the world to impose punishment on business companies  regarding environmental safety violations and pollution control?  Explain your answers clearly and  briefly with meaning.

b)	In your own understanding,  mention 3 ways on how every business or company could apply business ethics.   Explain your answers clearly and  briefly with meaning. 

c)	While, businesses creates lots of profits, they are also contributing to environmental degradation by polluting the environment.   Why do you think the following are very alarming issues to the environment?   Land, water and air pollution.   Discuss briefly.  Give examples.