Business 3221 final exam latest 2017

Subject: Business / General Business
Final exam

Question 1 Which of the following business strategies would involve selling on the basis of price?

Question 2 What is an objective a sales manager could expect to achieve with a sales training program?

Question 3 What are the key components in marketing strategy development?

Question 4 Which of the following competencies of successful salespeople can build collaborative relationships with customers in which their needs, suggestions, and concerns can be heard?

Question 5 Which of the following training topics would give salespeople the knowledge to work with buyers who are considered straight shooters?

Question 6 Which of the following types of salesforce profitability analysis would a sales manager use to allocate costs to individual units on the basis of how the units expend or cause these costs?

Question 7 What is an example of a style exhibited by a transformational sales leader?

Question 8 Which of the following does a sales manager use to instill cost consciousness and profit awareness throughout the organization?

Question 9 What is performance evaluation outcome bias?

Question 10 What is a basic principle of coaching salespeople?

Question 11 Describe how you, as a sales manager, would handle the following situation: One of the salespeople under you is trying to get a customer to purchase a new product. He decides to take three individuals from the customer’s firm to dinner and a basketball game, even though he knows that he has exceeded his entertainment budget for the next month. He asks you if he can just hide these entertainment expenses in different categories in his expense report. How do you handle this situation?

Your response should consist of at least 200 words.

Question 12 Discuss how the development of personal selling techniques can help a salesperson evolve into a business consultant.

Your response should consist of at least 200 words.

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