BUSI 200909 – Qonsett Airlines (QA) issued timetables

Subject: General Questions / General General Questions
Enterprise Law
Tutorial Questions: Making Deals – Creation of Contracts Part
No answers will be provided for these questions, so attend your tutorial and
take notes. 5. In each of the following situations, discuss the legal rights of the parties, giving full legal
reasons for your answers.
Qonsett Airlines (QA) issued timetables in paper form and on the Net. Christine
checked the net timetable for August, chose a flight which was scheduled to arrive in
Brisbane in time for an important sales meeting at 10 a.m., then booked a ticket. On the day
of the flight she arrived at the airport to find that her flight was delayed, and it actually took
off one hour after the scheduled departure time. Christine missed her meeting and wants to
sue Qonsett.
In return for her twenty years faithful service with the One Notion supermarket, Mr
Colston, Pauline’s employer, offered her a free trip to Indonesia, which she happily accepted.
Several months have passed since the promise was made, but no further mention has been
made of the holiday. Pauline wants to demand her holiday.
Jennifer and Brent had worked for the same company in Sydney for more than
twelve months. They had become close friends. Jennifer was offered an exciting new job in
Brisbane provided that she can take up the position in seven days. She accepted the job offer
and relocated within the week. Several days later Jennifer rang Brent from Brisbane in
relation to her car which was parked at Brent’s apartment building car park. The following
conversation took place between them:
Jennifer: “I have a company car in the new job so I am going to sell my car. If you want it you
can have it for $3,000 even though it is worth twice as much as that, but I need to know by
Brent: “I need a bit more time to think about this. Can I have until Sunday?”
Jennifer: “OK but no later”.
Brent seeks your advice on whether he has a contract in the following situation:
Jennifer sells the car for $10,000 to Clarence on Sunday morning. Brent rings Jennifer on
Sunday afternoon to buy the car but before he can tell Jennifer he will take it she apologises
to him for selling the car to Clarence as he made an offer “just too good to refuse”.
Advise the parties.


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