Bus402 quiz 5 latest 2017

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Quiz 5

Question 1 Companies connect with their customers ________ by supporting causes that are important to their customer base, taking exceptional care of their customers, and making it fun and enjoyable to do business with them.

Question 2 Studies show that customers want ________ from businesses almost more than anything else.

Question 3 One “natural” advantage small businesses have over large business, which can be a significant competitive advantage, is:

Question 4 Most marketing experts contend that the greatest marketing mistake small businesses make is:

Question 5 When it comes to gathering market research on customers, most small companies tend to be:

Question 6 Small businesses can compete with larger rivals with bigger budgets by employing unconventional, low-cost creative techniques known as:

Question 7 To build an effective customer service program, it is important to:

Question 8 One-to-one marketing is a marketing strategy that:

Question 9 ________ puts the customer at the center of a company’s thinking, planning, and action and shifts the focus from a product or service to customers and their needs and wants

Question 10 The worst marketing catastrophe to befall any business would be to:

Question 11 Time compression management (TCM) involves:

Question 12 The majority of customers who stop patronizing a particular store do so because:

Question 13 ________ is the process of creating and delivering desired goods and services to customers, and involves all of the activities associated with winning and retaining loyal customers.

Question 14 The most common channel of distribution for consumer goods is:

Question 15 Market research:

Question 16 In reality, advertising:

Question 17 Which of the following media account for the greatest portion of advertising expenditures?

Question 18 The ________ cost of an advertising medium compares the actual dollar cost of an ad with the number of potential customers it reaches.

Question 19 ________ is the personal contact between salespeople and potential customers that comes from sales efforts.

Question 20 The best color combination for an outdoor ad is:

Question 21 The choice of advertising medium is primarily determined by:

Question 22 A recent study of top salespeople found that they:

Question 23 Which advertising medium offers the greatest ability to selectively target a specific audience?

Question 24 A successful direct mail ad is characterized by:

Question 25 Under ________, a manufacturer splits the cost of advertising with a small retailer if the retailer features its product.

Question 26 ________ is unsolicited commercial e-mail.

Question 27________ are an important advertising medium for reaching customers who have already made the purchase decision and are looking for the product or service.

Question 28 The most meaningful unique selling proposition:

Question 29 Effective ads are built on:

Question 30 Radio: