BUS340 Unit 7 Application Report Latest

Subject: Business    / General Business

Guidelines for Application Report:

This application report assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your awareness of current topics in business that have definite ethical implications.

Select an article from recent news that you feel addresses the subject matter of this unit. In your report, you will show how the article relates to business ethics practice, specifically as it relates to this unit’s topic. The article should be from the current business press such as Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes, or any major newspapers’ business section. Your report should be 1-2 page double spaced Word document and contain in-text APA citation plus a separate APA references page. You are urged to use spelling and grammar checks and to take advantage of the Writing Center ( writingcenter@post.edu). In your report, you should:

Summarize the article

Analyze how the article relates to the unit’s topic and the study of management.

Answer the questions: What does the article teach us about practicing management? What did you learn?