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BUS211 Unit 1 Discussion Latest 2017 February

Discuss your definition of quality. How do you perceive the concept of quality in your workplace, school, or any other organization where you are currently a member.

BUS211 Unit 2 Discussion Latest 2017 February

How are the Baldrige Principles evident in your workplace, school or other organization? Which ones are most prominent? Are there any that are missing?

BUS211 Unit 3 Discussion Latest 2017 February

What do you think the impact of leadership on quality is? From your own experience can you describe a situation where leadership behavior had a positive impact on quality? How about a negative impact?

BUS211 Unit 4 Discussion Latest 2017 February

Is your current organization managed by the stakeholder or stockholder approach? Is this appropriate? Would you make changes? Why or why not?

BUS211 Unit 5 Discussion Latest 2017 February

Discuss your experience with measurements in your organization or business? Do you find some to be more or less useful than others? Do you know what the measurements are really used for? Do you wonder if any are actually useless?

Give some examples and discuss this with the rest of the class.

BUS211 Unit 6 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 February

dq 1

Do you feel your current organization values its employees? Why or why not? Does it really matter? Discuss these ideas in the context of the baldrige Principles and Core Values.

dq 2

Are you part of a learning organization? After reviewing the materials, have any of your ideas about learning changed?

BUS211 Unit 7 Discussion 1 & 2 Latest 2017 February

dq 1

Is there a focus on continuous improvement at your workplace (or another organization you may wish to discuss)? What makes you think this does or does not exist?

dq 2

Does your organization act in a socially responsible manner? What evidence do you have that it does or does not?

BUS211 Unit 8 Discussion Latest 2017 February

Pick the one thing that’s made the greatest impression on you in the course and discuss this with the group. It could be something you learned or something you already knew but had a new twist or just something that surprised you.

BUS211 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Latest 2017 February

Watch the video on W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points. In a brief essay, compare and contrast the Baldrige Principles with Deming’s 14 points.

BUS211 Unit 4 Assignment 2 Latest 2017 February

In a short essay (not to exceed two pages) explain how you see the treatment of internal and external customers. Is one more important than the other? How does this affect “quality” in the organization?

Please remember that in case of the need to use citations, academic form, etc. the proper format will be APA, Sixth edtiton.

BUS211 unit 8 Final Assignment: Reflective Paper

Final Assignment: Reflective Paper

As we have stated, self assessment is a critical component of the Baldrige process. Accordingly, this assignment will require you to engage in a reflective process and allow you to develop and articulate your own thoughts on the concept of “quality”, the Baldrige principles, organizational issues, personal and organzational learning and other important features discussed in the course.

Your paper should cover the issues above, address your learning experience in the course and identify areas of your greatest (or least if necessary) development or understanding. A well developed paper will make reference to the Baldrige principles in a coherent and thoughtful way, introduce new thinking if appropriate and show an understanding of the course materials and their application in any organizational or personal environment.

As always, length does not matter;quality does. Show a depth of thought and consideration worthy of a course in quality systems. Write clearly and in a gramatically correct manner. Remember, clarity of presentation goes a long way in enhancing the credibility of the presentation.

Please consider this paper as an exercise in academic writing. Make every effort to conform to the standards of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5thor 6th Edition.

The assignment is due at the end of the course and is worth 200 points. Any assignment received after midnight Sunday is considered late