BUS101 – The current organizational culture at IDEO

Subject: Business    / General Business

Study Guide for Case Analysis #3 IDEO pp. 257-258

1. Using the competing values framework as a point of reference, how would you describe the current organizational culture at IDEO? Provide examples to support your conclusions.

To answer this first question you’ll need to know what organizational culture is. (Note that it is different from organizational structure.) Section 8.2 has some questions you might ask yourself to figure this out. And see Fig. 8.2 as well, to understand the competing values framework. Your instructor will be looking for these key terms. And notice that it says “examples.” That means more than one.

2. What type of culture is desired by Tim Brown to meet his goals? Does the company have this type of culture? Discuss.

To answer this question, you need to read the case carefully, after studying the types of culture. You’ll be deciding which type of culture Brown wants, which might or might not be what is currently in place. This answer is not something you can get without some thinking. Be sure to use the terms listed in the text. And note the word “discuss.” This would involve a few sentences at least.

3. Which of the 12 ways to embed organizational culture has IDEO used to create its current culture? Provide examples to support your conclusions.

In Section 8.3 your text actually lists twelve ways culture can be established, or embedded, in an organization, so be sure to use those terms. Again, provide more than one example.

4. Does Tim Brown want to create more of a mechanistic or organic organization? Explain the rationale for his preference.

You’ll need to know what these two terms mean. Whenever you come across a term you don’t understand in a textbook, look in the glossary at the back of the book. Most textbooks have them. You can sometimes search online for definitions, too. Be sure to explain why you made your choice.

5. What is the most important lesson from this case? Discuss.

This answer is all yours. No two students will have the same answer, but here’s your chance to tell a little about what interested you most, and what you learned. Use a few sentences please.