BUS 345 Research Paper – Nano technology

BUS 345 Research Paper – Nano technology

BUS 345 Research Paper

This research paper will require you to research a current topic in Information Systems. You will prepare a 4-6 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point type)  to be submitted no later than the due date stated in the syllabus. Early submissions are encouraged.

1.	Topic must be well researched and include the following:
a.	All sources of information must be identified. The quality and quantity of sources will be considered.
b.	The topic must be of current relevance. 
c.	You must thoroughly describe the topic so that someone with no knowledge of the topic will be informed.
d.	Interpretation and impact of the technology must be explored, that i.e., why would I care about it? Why is it important? What are the applications or implications of the technology?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about your research project. These are suggestions only. Please feel free to select anything else of interest to you. If you are unsure of the appropriateness of the topic, check with me!

Potential Topics:


Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

HIPAA Privacy Rule

HIPAA Security Rule


Proposed legislation such as SOPA

RHIOs (regional health information organization)  or  HIE (health information exchange)

IT and Ethics. What are some current  major issues and how is the industry addressing them?

IT and national security. 
•	What technologies are being used? 
•	How effective are they? 
•	What are the issues?

Any emerging technology or innovative product. Some ideas include:
•	Advanced biometrics such as retina scanners, face recognition, etc. 
•	Natural language processing
•	Nanotechnology
•	Wearable computers
•	Telemedicine
•	Artificial intelligence
•	Robotics

Any innovative technology company
•	Background concerning the organization
•	Describe the technology
•	Describe why it is innovative
•	What are the implications of this technology, i.e. why should I care?

Grading is as follows:

                   Trait	Excellent: 3	Adequate: 2	Unsatisfactory: 1
1) Content

40 possible points	An abundance of material clearly relates to and supports the topic; points are clearly made and all evidence supports the position/topic
40	There is sufficient information that relates to and supports the position/topic; some good points made.

30	Relationships to the topic are not clear; little or no useful content or the information that is provided is not connected with the purpose of the paper
2) Coherence and Organization of paper

40 possible points	Topic/position is clearly stated and developed; specific examples are appropriate and clearly develop the point of the presentation; conclusion is clear; flows together well; good transitions; succinct but not choppy; well organized
40	Most information is presented in logical sequence; generally organized, but better transitions from idea to idea needed, could be more succinct or be better organized but key points are adequately presented.

30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 	Paper is disjointed; concepts and ideas are loosely connected; lacks clear transitions; flow and organization are confused, hard to follow and understand what the key points are.

3) Grammatical construction

10%	No spelling errors or inappropriate word use. Correct sentence construction. Consistence verb tense.  
10	Few verb tense, spelling, or sentence construction errors.

5	Many errors to the point where it is distracting to the reader and/or obscures meaning.

Quality of sources

10%	Several sources cited. Sources are high quality (e.g., authoritative)

10	Few sources (< 3) cited. Sources of questionable value (e.g., Wikipedia)

5	No sources cited