BUS 2020 Assignment #5 Page 362, Chapter 13

Subject: Business / Management
13-10. Companies occasionally make mistakes that expose confidential information, such as when
employees lose laptop computers containing sensitive data files or webmasters forget to protect
confidential webpages from search engine indexes. If you conducted a search that turned up competitive
information on webpages that were clearly intended to be private, what would you do? Explain your
13-11. Why must you be careful when citing information from online sources?
13-12. One of your employees submitted a report, comparing the market opportunities for two product
ideas your company might develop. The report concludes that because the first idea yielded 340,000 hits
in a Google search whereas the second idea yielded only 128,000 Google hits, the first idea clearly has
more sales potential. Is this a valid conclusion? Why or why not?
13-13. While analyzing last year’s sales data, you notice that sales were 10 to 15 percent higher than
average during August, September, and November. The marketing department invested heavily in a
search engine advertising campaign from August through December. Can you conclude that the
advertising campaign caused the increase in sales? Why or why not? Page 387, Chapter 14
14-9. Would “Look into employee morale problems” be an effective problem statement for a report?
Why or why not?
14-10. Which of the topical organization plans listed on page 374 would you use to organize an analytical
report on a recent power outage in your manufacturing facility? Why?
14-11. If you want to make a specific recommendation in your report, should you include information
that might support a different recommendation? Explain your answer.
14-12. Assume you are assigned the task of evaluating two firms to provide security for your company’s
office and factory facilities. First, you write a report recommending one of the two firms. After a
thorough analysis, however, you conclude that neither firm is capable of providing quality service at an
acceptable cost. How should you structure your report?
14-13. In what ways are unsolicited proposals more challenging to write than solicited proposals? Page 423, Chapter 15 15-10. How would you report on a confidential survey in which employees rated their managers’
capabilities? Both employees and managers expect to see the results. Would you give the same report to
employees and managers? What components would you include or exclude for each audience? Explain
your choices.
15-11. What are the risks of not explaining the purpose of a proposal within the introduction?
15-12. If a company receives a solicited formal proposal outlining the solution to a particular problem, is
it ethical for the company to adopt the proposal’s recommendations without hiring the firm that
submitted the proposal? Why or why not?
15-13. Is an executive summary a persuasive message? Explain your answer. References:
Bovee, Courtland L.; Thill, John V.. Business Communication Today (Page 362). Pearson Education. Kindle
Bovee, Courtland L.; Thill, John V.. Business Communication Today (Page 387). Pearson Education. Kindle
Bovee, Courtland L.; Thill, John V.. Business Communication Today (Page 423). Pearson Education. Kindle


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