Briefly compare and contrast steganography, cryptography, and digital watermarking. Determine two strengths and weaknesses of each based on their similarities and differences. Explain whether or not you perceive these data-protection forms as mutually exclusive.
    Determine whether or not you believe that the benefits of alternative data streams (ADS) outweigh the risks and explain why you believe this to be the case. Explicate the effect on the systems forensics industry that would result if Microsoft discontinued support of ADS in future versions of its operating systems.

Discussion 2

“The Effects of Backup and Recovery” Please respond to the following:

    Determine what you perceive to be the most significant obstacle to successfully backing up data and / or recovering data for forensics investigators and explain why you believe this to be the case.
    Analyze why backup and recovery is critical to the system forensics process to determine the potential effects on an investigation when suitable backups and / or recovery efforts are not the reality.\