Brand management

In an individual report of 2,500 words (Times New Roman 12 font, using 1.5 line spacing), based on the analysis undertaken by your group in Coursework 1, prepare a

brand plan (in report form) for the next two years, aimed at overcoming the current difficulties and improving upon the brand’s market position.

The report should be written as if it were to be presented to the Board. It must therefore be convincing, comprehensive, practical and sustainable. It should fully

utilise teaching given in class and contain all relevant models. At least three models taught in class should be utilised. The report should also contain academic

reading (articles and books). In addition to the two core text books used in class, it should contain references to at least five other academic sources. The report

should open with a brief overview of the problems which the brand faces, which were given in the presentation. It should then contain a section which proposes changes

to the brand (the repositioning strategy). Benefits, identity, use, user, packaging, communication, price and other elements of the marketing mix should be covered.

Following this there should be a section which deals with the implementation of the plan. Finally there should be a brief auditing plan to ensure that the brand

maintains its recovery.

The structure of the coursework should be as follows:

1- overview of the problems the brand is facing
2-implementation of the repositioning strategies
3-communication of the strategies (IMC)

There are two essential readings:
1- Aaker, D. (2002) Building Strong Brands. London: Simon & Schuster.
2- Elliott, R. & L. Percy. (2011), Strategic Brand Management. 2nd Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The supporting document consists of a presentation on the brand Aquascutum. The coursework should not include all slide but mostly focus on the difficulties within the

marketing of the brand as how will these difficulties be overcome