Book Review

Book Review

Book Report regarding a correctional issue or trend.
Assignment: State the author, name of book, date of publication, publisher, and location in the Introduction. Provide a graduate level comprehensive and thought provocative discussion. In 3 pages or more, identify, analyze, and discuss the correctional issue, anticipated trend, or management issue encountered. (Be sure to include a Cover Page and any references). Identify how a criminal justice administrator should handle these situations or issues.
The book choice is: Hallinan, J. T. (2003). Going up the river. New York, NY: Random House.
Portrait of Dr. Samuel D. Gross (The Gross Clinic)
Project description

(10 points toward your final grade.)
Submit a double-spaced Word or .pdf document BELOW (at Blackboard).

Late submissions are graded at 50%

THE PROMPT: Select a Philadelphia-related work of art from a museum. It must be something that is unfamiliar to you. For this first PEX report only, you may select an artifact from a publication or online. Collect information from observation, research and reflection. Digest what youve learned and produce an outline for your PEX REPORT #1 in four clearly identified sections.
Recommended length: 3 to 4 pages.

Observation. Approach your artifact like a detective. Help your reader visualize the object in detail. Avoid assumptions. This section is about experience, not research. Include at least four observations. (2 points)

Context. Facts from research, the who, what, where and when. Consult reliable, authoritative sources (books, articles, websites, interviews, etc.) to enable you to judge what is relevant, interesting and essential to know. For PEX #1 list at least four contextual facts. (2 points)

Analysis. The cultural significance of your artifact. This is the culmination of your PEX Report and can only be completed after the other observation and context sections are done. Interpret meaning, infer expression and suggest why the artifact is the way it is and what it reveals. For PEX #1, list at least four points of cultural significance. (2 points)

Bibliography. A list of at least FOUR substantial, relevant, reliable and varied sources: books, encyclopedias (hard copy and/or online), scholarly articles, exhibition catalogs, robust museum websites, etc. Wikipedia, tourism websites, many news stories and most online dictionaries and are not considered substantial or reliable. Developing and using a good bibliography will help you achieve otherwise unattainable clarity and depth in your PEX Reports. Cite in an accepted bibliographical style. (4 points)

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