Biology Disease DEtectives

Question 1) State some reasons for why emerging diseases occur in relation to: A) Changes within the environment and disturbances to natural habitats. B) Changes in human demographics and behavior C) Increased international travel and commerce D) Unforseen TECHNOLOGICAL consequences associated with modern life causing a breakdown in public health. E) Microbial Adaptation **Answer the question by providing a few reasons why emergin diseases occur in relation to each sub-letter A,B,C,D,E** Question 2) For the following Diseases ber able to identify the "Causative Organism", understand the general "Signs and Symptoms of the disease",its potential "Treatment" and the "Prognosis of recovery" A) Lyme Disease, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Hanta VIRUS, Ebola, Yellow Fever, HIV, Influenza, Lassa Fever, Legionnaires Disease, Pertussis, Malaria, Diptheriae, Mad Cow Disease, SARS, and Tetanus./ All you have to do for this question is follow this same format with each 16 diseases listed above. EXAMPLE..... 1) (Name of Disease) * Causative organism: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Signs and Symptoms: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * TREATMENT: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Prognosis of Recovery: ~~~~~~~~~~