Biochem II presentation

Topics of oral representations in 84.551: Biochemistry II

Chapter 22:
Assessing the Biochemistry of Exercise
Understanding the Mechanism of Popular Diabetic Medicines
Chapter 23:
Compare and Contrast the Cyclic Pathways of TCA and B-Oxidation
Fatty Acid Oxidation and Migratory Birds
Chapter 24:
Regulation of Acetyl-Carboxylase CoA
Understanding the Mechanism of the HMG-CoA Synthase Reaction
Chapter 25:
High protein Diets and Increased Water Consumption
Histidine – A Clue to Early Evolution
Chapter 26:
Tetrahydropholate: Acceptor and Donor of one –Carbon Units
Fluro-Substituted Analog as Therapeutics Agents
Chapter 27:
ATP Coupling and the Thermodynamics of Metabolism
Metabolic Relationships Between Organ Systems
Chapter 28:
Processivity of DNA Polymerases
A Mechanism of All Polymerases
Chapter 29:
Quantitative Evaluation of lac Repressor: DNA Interactions
Gene Regulatory Proteins
Chapter 30
The Second Genetic Code
Molecular Mimicry: The Structure of EF-Tu: Amino-tRNA, EF-G, and RF-3
Chapter 31:
Mechanisms of protein Translocation
Protein Triage-A model for Quality Control