BHS 420 Quantative Reasoning-SLP (Inferential Statistics)

For this module of your SLP, you can use an article you used in a previous module’s SLP paper, or choose a different one. The article must be no more than 5 years old. The article must include one or more of the inferential statistical procedures that you learned about in this module (that is, a t-test or ANOVA).
Begin by providing the reference for the article, in proper format.
Write an introductory paragraph that includes a reminder of what your topic is.
Introduce and briefly describe the study in one paragraph.
Then identify the following:
• Null and alternative hypothesis
• Sampling procedures
• Independent and Dependent Variable/s
• Alpha level
• Outcome (significant results, or fail to reject null hypothesis)
What 2 questions would you like to ask the researcher about the results?
If you were designing your own study about this topic, what would your independent variable be?
What would your dependent variable be?
What would you expect to find? For example: males will be more likely to exercise than females … something related to your own topic.