The scenario:

Our company is a small bank located in Charlestown, Massachusetts. We have 5000 customers who use our bank for savings, checking and certificate of deposit accounts. Our bank writes mortgages; unlike some other financing companied we keep and service our own loans.

The bank has two branches, both in Charlestown. We started an on-line banking feature last year and are eager for customers to adopt this for everyday transactions.

We have 15 employees, most of whom have families and come from the local community

    What role do you think goals might play in a company’s planning for any potential bird flu outbreak? List some goals that you think might be important.
    What types of plans might our company need for this situation? (For instance, short term, long term, or both?) Explain why you think these plans would be important.

    How does this scenario reflect planning in a dynamic environment? What would managers need to do to make their planning effective in such an environment?
    What are some specific steps/plans we might want to take?