Based on the problems of drug trafficking in Black communities by the Central Intelligence Agency and the policy of stopping suspected drug users purposefully in a school zone, what solutions would you suggest to effectively address drug abuse in these targeted communities? What solutions would you suggest to address disenfranchisement (e.g., loss of the vote) of those who are purposefully stopped in school zones?

If an applicant is an active member of the Ku Klux Klan, does a Black owned company have a right to deny them employment ifthey do not engage in illegal activity or promote offensive ideas on the job? Is there a point where an employershould be abletodeny employment to an individual who has a personal philosophy or a private, albeit legal, lifestyle that is in conflict with the mission of the company?

If a company wants to encourage more men to consider a traditionally female profession, is it reasonable that they will offer higher salaries to entice men into the profession? Are there not some professions where a male will be able to do more (e.g., heavy lifting) and therefore should be compensated for the additional value he brings to his job?