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Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1 Which component of attitude is reflected in the sentence, “This is the best way to reach the place”?

A emotive.

B affective.

C behavioral

D cognitive.

2 ________ is employees’ general belief that their organization values their contribution and cares about their well-being.

A Cognitive dissonance.

B Organizational commitment.

C Perceived organizational support.

D Job involvement.

3 Which of the following is true according to the MBTI®?

A Perceiving types are rigid and structured.

B Introverted types are practical and prefer routine and order.

C Feeling types use reason and logic to handle problems.

D Judging types want control and prefer their world to be ordered.

4 People with high self-esteem ________.4.

A are more susceptible to external influence.

B are more likely to take unpopular stands.

C are more likely to seek approval from others.

D are more prone to conform to the beliefs of those they respect.

5 A person who can adapt and adjust behavior to external factors has ________.

A high self-monitoring.

B low self-esteem.

C an internal locus of control.

D high risk-taking ability

6 Kevin is a whirlwind as a research and development supervisor. His colleagues are surprised that even though he makes decisions very quickly and always with less information than others, his decisions are as good as anybody else’s. This information implies that Kevin has ________.

A an external locus of control.

B low cognitive dissonance.

C high risk-taking ability.

D low Machiavellianism.

7 People who identify opportunities, show initiative, take action, and persevere until meaningful change occurs are said to have ________ personalities.

A self-aware.

B resilient.

C proactive.

D agreeable.

8 Emotional intelligence has been shown to be ________.

A negatively related to job performance at all levels.

B positively related to job performance at all levels.

C negatively related to job performance in middle management only.

D positively related to job performance only in government agencies.

9 Andrew is social, friendly, and understanding, and prefers activities that involve helping and developing others. Which of the following occupations is a potentially good match for him?

A artist.

B accountant.

C news reporter.

D teacher.

10 ________ behavior is voluntary or learned behavior.

A Reactive

B Reflexive

C Dissonant

D Operant

11 The influence of models depends on how well an individual remembers the model’s behavior. This refers to the individual’s ________.

A reinforcement process.

B motor reproduction process.

C retention process.

D attentional process.

12 In which of the following cases is communication used to control employee behavior?12.

A Glenn lets Ann know that the deadline for her project has been postponed.

B Chris gives Jason tips on how to improve his performance

C Sandy tells Mitch that she’s happy with the progress he’s making.

D Jan informs Sara that she must follow the dress code at work

13 ________ is the deliberate manipulation of information to make it appear more favorable to the receiver.

A Encoding.

B Diagonal communication.

C Lateral communication.

D Filtering.

14 If a company is concerned with achieving high member satisfaction for all the participants in a network, which of the following communication networks is best?

A wheel network.

B chain network.

C all-channel network.

D horizontal network.

15 An organization’s grapevine works as ________.15.

A a method for managers to communicate official policy.

B a filter and a feedback mechanism for managers.

C a method for management to control the dissemination of information.

D both a formal and an informal communication method.

16 Because rumors that flow along the grapevine can never be eliminated entirely, managers can minimize the negative consequences of rumors by ________.

A communicating openly and honestly with employees.

B encouraging an all-channel communication network.

C using filtering wherever possible.

D ignoring them completely.

17 To maximize motivation among today’s workforce, managers need to think in terms of ________.

A job autonomy.

B flexibility.

C job security.

D compensation.

18 Which of the following motivating factors or concepts is important to all workers, regardless of their national culture?

A extrinsic factors like pay.

B need for achievement.

C physiological needs as the foundational need in the needs hierarchy.

D interesting work.

19 In the job characteristics model, task significance refers to the degree to which a job ________.

A provides freedom, independence, and discretion to the individual in carrying out the work.

B requires a variety of activities and uses a number of different employee skills and talents.

C requires completion of a whole and identifiable piece of work.

D has a substantial impact on the lives or work of other peopled.

20 According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, a person’s needs for self-respect, autonomy, achievement, status, recognition, and attention constitute his ________ needs.

A social.

B esteem.

C safety.

D physical.

21 According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, a person’s needs for affection, belongingness, acceptance, and friendship constitute his ________ needs.

A social.

B esteem.

C safety.

D physical.

22 Susan Bones is the sales manager at the Ohio office of Alpha Inc. She has a reputation of being fair, helpful, and understanding. Laura, one of her subordinates, recalled how Susan had even helped her overcome a personal crisis. Which of the following dimensions of leadership is Susan displaying here?

A consideration.

B initiating structure.

C employee orientation.

D task orientation.

23 Fiedler’s term ________ refers to the degree of influence a leader has over power-based activities.

A leader-member relations.

B position power.

C responsibility.

D task structured.

24 According to the path-goal theory, a leader who lets subordinates know what’s expected of them, schedules work to be done, and gives specific guidance as to how to accomplish tasks is termed ________.

A directive.

B achievement oriented.

C participative.

D supportive.

25 A leader, such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, who can inspire followers above their own self- interests and can have a profound effect on their performance, is known as a(n) ________.

A transactional leader.

B directive leader.

C informational leader

D transformational leader.