BAM 306-A pharmaceutical company in Utah recently

Subject: Business / Marketing
9) A pharmaceutical company in Utah recently released a new and expensive anti-ulcer drug in the market. The company justifies the high price of the drug by claiming that it is highly effective for treating all kinds of ulcers. The company also claims that the new drug will help bring down the need for invasive surgeries, an additional benefit for patients. Which of the following pricing strategies is the pharmaceutical company most likely using in this instance?

A) target pricing

B) markup pricing

C) cost-based pricing

D) value-based pricing

E) break-even pricing

11) As production moves up, the average cost per unit decreases because ________.

A) variable costs decrease

B) of increasing diseconomies of scale

C) fixed costs are spread over more units

D) overhead costs decrease

E) revenue increases

12) The simplest pricing method is ________ pricing.

A) value-based

B) fixed cost

C) cost-plus

D) target return

E) competition-based

13) As a manufacturer increases the price, ________.

A) efficiency drops

B) the break-even volume drops

C) competition is minimized

D) the total costs increase

E) the profit margin shrinks

21) The greater the number of channel levels in a marketing channel, the ________.

A) less distance between producer and end-consumer

B) greater the channel complexity

C) less time it takes for products to reach end-consumers

D) greater the control producers have over the distribution of their products

E) greater the control producers have over the demand of their products

22) ________ are complex behavioral systems in which people and companies interact to accomplish individual, company, and channel goals.

A) Customer relationship management systems

B) Distribution channels

C) Partner relationship systems

D) Consumer bases

E) Buying centers

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