baker MGt211 Final Assignment-Reflection

baker MGt211 Final Assignment-Reflection

Due Wednesday, 100 Points

    Complete the self-assessment (this is about your work values and how that impacts who you are and what you do).
    You can access the self-assessment by clicking on the link below.
    Compare the results of this self-assessment with the results of the same self-assessment you took in seminar two.

Self-Assessment (the first five pages of the information at the following link

Write a three-page reflection, double-spaced, using Microsoft Word that answers the questions below. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation must be accurate.This paper should address the following:

    What are your strengths?
    What are your weaknesses?
    What is your current skill set?
    What do you need to work on or improve?
    How do these assessments affect your schoolwork and your current career?
    How do they help with short-range plans?
    How do they help with long-range plans?
    Based on what you have learned about yourself, what should you be doing now to assure that your future goals are met?
    How does knowing your work values impact your decision-making?

Submit your assignment to your instructor for grading by clicking on the Assignment Title.