ASSIGNMENT – Social Media Policy

Subject: Business    / Management
Social Media Policy
Social media plays a huge role in most of our lives. It has literally changed the way some
organizations do business and has definitely changed the way many people conduct themselves
both in and out of work. Understanding how social media works in terms of making a workplace
better or worse is fundamental in an organization’s success.
Imagine you work in the public relations department of your company, or one in your chosen
field. Your business does not currently have a social media policy to guide its interactions
Research social media policies at several organizations. For example, Nike, McDonald’s, CVS-any organization for which you can find social media policies. This research will help you to
create your own policy.
Write a 350- to 700-word social media policy for your organization that you will share with
upper management. This policy should include the following:
I. Introduction
II. How the company can effectively use communication techniques for communicating
III. The relevance of social media in the workplace (Why the company needs to understand how
social media can affect the company).
IV. How the company can use social media to its benefit (include the different social media sites
the company should use, why they should use these sites, and how they should use these
sites). This would be a good place to use some of your research regarding how other companies
in the same industry are using social media.
V. The relevance of social media to employees and how their use of social media could reflect
on the company
VI. Proposed social media policy for employees (This needs to be an actual company policy
regarding employees’ use of personal and company social media sites during work hours and
outside of work hours.
VII. Why the social media policy should be adopted
VIII. Conclusion Note: Do not use Roman Numerals in the paper. Headings should be used to identify each
section. Format your introduction as an e-mail to your company leaders. Make sure to use effective
communication by taking your audience into consideration. Also consider format in terms of a
formal e-mail. Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines. Include a minimum of two sources to support your policy. Sources must be cited in the
document and a reference page must be included.