This assignment is adapted from the module 2 case

This assignment is adapted from the module 2 case

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This assignment is adapted from the module 2 case. Be sure to read the module 2 case study scenario found in the Course Content area of our classroom carefully, then begin to develop your ideas. Ignore the 5 scenarios that follow the case study. Your paper should identify major American employment-related laws and regulations and include a clear and comprehensive interpretation of these laws as they apply to Pomodoro, Inc. A zero tolerance policy is one of the key areas of focus, as well as other related items that come with rolling out new policy. No APA sources are needed here. Just a professional paper with a cover page that encompasses everything needed. I anticipate some perspective on your laws, not just listing them.

"Your new boss has made it clear she wants the firm to comply with U.S. employment regulations. In addition, she wants to inform the firm's staff that a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any sort is in effect. Develop at least a 3 page paper defining the important harassment and employment-related laws and regulations in place and outlining the points you want to include as you develop and publish your firm's harassment policy. (Research topics might include but are not limited to: sexual harassment, wage and salary legislation, recruitment, interviewing, affirmative action, ADA, employment laws, and OSHA regulations.) And please remember! Your firm has both American and international employees so you will want to include a discussion of policy implications for your company's global workplace."

No APA citations needed here. What I'm looking for is an awareness of the relevant issues, and for you to present them in a professional, educational way. Some research is needed, and should be done. You will need to do that for some of the employement laws, etc. Format is up to you, single-spaced, double-spaced, it doesn't really matter to me as along as you throughly cover your bases. The 3 page structure is just a beginning point. Some of you will need more, some maybe less. Not unlike conference topics, I don't count words and number of pages as much as I count quality and professionalism. I prefer to give students flexibilty on structure and format because there are many ways to approach the same problem or project.
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