1.Assigning a guest better accommodations at no increase in rate is:
a. Upselling
b. Upping it
c. Upgrading
d. Up-assigning
e. All of the above; a professional idiom that depends on the section of the country

2. The iceberg effect of complaints means that:
a. Resolved complaints re costly, but no one knows by how much
b. Many complaints are not voiced and therefore no one knows by how much
c. Management pretends to resolve issues for which there are numerous complaints
d. No one knows how many complaints are resolved by quality guarantees
e. Both a and d

3.Which lodging company does not own, does not manage, does not lease and does not franchise hotels?
a. Best Western
b. Cendant
c. Hilton
d. Inter-Continental
e. None of these, each chain does some of each