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Week 7 assignment

Instructions: The Final Research Paper is due at the end of Week 7 of the course (10 – 12 pages not including the Cover Page or the References listing – APA 6th Edition formatting). The final will count as 20% of the final grade. The paper will follow a conventional paper format (Cover page, Body of Paper with introduction, discussion / analysis / argument / body, conclusion, and references pages). See the Writing Expectations contained in the Policies section of the Syllabus for specific focus areas / guidance as well as conforming with APA 6th edition style guidelines. The objective of creating the final research paper includes the finalization of your research paper development process, describing and defending a cost-effective security strategy, and basing those upon meaningful security program metrics in order to identify information security responses and outcomes that are effective. As this is the culmination of the progressive research paper activity, you should provide your cost-effective security strategy, underpinned by security metrics, assessing and identifying issues associated with your selected research topic discussion. Further, gained insights from your research and reflection should result in recommended mitigation actions for your selected information security system.

Submission Instructions: See the Writing Instructions in your Syllabus as well as inserted below. Please submit a Word document in the defined format to your Assignment folder by 11:55PM, Sunday, EST. Your writing assignment should also be run through TurnItIn to aid in preparing for your Final Research Paper and also as a tool to help with proper citation of research source material and appropriate attribution of that material. See the TurnItIn instructions contained in the course Lessons area