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Within the staffing function there are how many main steps?



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Human Resources Management (HRM) is the process of employing people, training them, compensating them, developing policies relating to them, and "_______ ________" to retain them.

A."providing incentives"

B."developing strategies"

C."giving bonuses"

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Baby Boomers can be defined as those born between the years?

A.1950 - 1976

B.1945 -1965

C.1946 - 1964

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The term "Head Hunter" refers to?

A.The values that humans bring to the current economy

B.The HRM manager that terminates poor performing employees

C.A person who matches jobs with people

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Diversity is defined as?

A.The differences between people

B.The similarities between people

C.similarities in culture between people

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If employment tests are required a test must be?

A.Easy enough for everyone to understand

B.In direct relation to the job.

C.In the same language for everyone.

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The new EEOC laws took effect when?

A.November 2009

B.December 1964

C.November 1999

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Disparate treatment refers to?

A.When a group of people are treated fairly and equally

B.When all peple are treated poorly in the workplace

C.When one person is intentionally treated differently than another

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Which recruitment programs tend to generate one of the highest returns on investment per hire?

A.Temp firms

B.Employee Referral Programs (ERPs)

C.Direct backfill recruiting programs (DBRs)

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Nepotism is a disadvantage of what type of recruiting method?


B.Labor Unions

C.Social Media