You are appointed as the marketing manager for a new

Subject: Business    / Marketing
Part 1

You are appointed as the marketing manager for a new innovative idea for a new company in UAE. You need to assist the management team in marketing and promoting this idea in the current market. You are requested to:

1.    Describe this innovative idea in details (product). (5points)
2.    Determine who would be your segment that you will sell to them the product. (5 (points)
3.    Determine the marketing mix (4P’s). (20points)
a.    Describe briefly the product.
b.    Describe briefly your pricing.
c.    Describe briefly your place strategy.
d.    Describe your promotion strategy. (Including the message, media, which channels you will use to send the message and why?)
4.    Determine the brand positioning with clear justification. (10points)
5.    Will you use an external agency? Yes or no? And why? (10 points)

Part 2

Now you are requested to design a print advertising for this product covering the following points:
The guideline for you would be the creative brief mentioned in the slides.

1.    Problem that can be solved by communication.
2.    Target audience and key insights into their attitudes and behavior.
3.    Brand position and other branding decisions, such as personality and image.
4.    Communication objectives that specify the desired response to the message by the target audience.
5.    Proposition or selling idea that will motivate the target to respond.
6.    Media considerations about where and when the message should be delivered.