Answer all questions - 2 Pages Each. Makeeach question as a heading for each answer

Answer all questions - 2 Pages Each.
Makeeach qusstion as a heading for each answer.
Font: New Times Roman /Size 12
1.5 Space
No Refrences Needed. However, if you will provide a refrcen , it should be with APA style & supported with Direct link.
Read the attached chapters.
1. What do you think are the three most significant trends facing companies operating in the UAE today. Specify your answer for a particular company. Explain your reasons for concluding that the trends you mention are significant. How do you think the company should respond to each of these trends?
2. Choose an emerging multinational company from the Middle East and describe the reasons for its success / its sources of competitive advantage. Explain your answer.
3. Briefly explain the entry modes available to a company when considering entry into foreign markets. If you were a fashion brand not yet present in the Middle East (for example Lululemon, but it may also be another one), which country/countries would you enter first and which entry mode would you recommend. Why?
for the grading, Itwill beevaluated based on the three criteria:
1- Does it answer the question?
2- Clarity and quality of writing
3- Level of analysis and critical thinking.