ANATOMY 2120 – Explain how fetal hemoglobin is different from adult hemoglobin

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Question 1

1) Explain how fetal hemoglobin is different from adult hemoglobin.

2) Explain why a different form of hemoglobin is necessary during fetal development.

Question 2

Edna is a 72-year-old female presenting to your clinic with fatigue that has progressed over the past 3 months. She is normally extremely active in social events in the community. She is a retired math teacher. Edna is a widow and admits to being rather emotionally liable. She also can’t tolerate the cold as much anymore and consequently she doesn’t get out and teach reading to illiterate adults. About all she can do is get up, have tea, wash the kettle and cup and she has to sit again. She admits to shortness of breath, no chest pain, denies claudication (limping while walking), palpitations (skipped or extra heart beats), cyanosis, clubbing, thrombosis, but has had a bit of ankle edema over the past 2 months. She has to sleep on 3 pillows ever since she had an MI 4 years ago. She has had 2 stress tests since her MI and they were essentially normal. She has been active this summer including attempting to parasail.

1) What hormone may be the cause of her progressive fatigue? Explain your answer.

2) What gland produces this hormone?