Analyze the Verizon Vodafone sale from Vodafone’s perspective

Subject: Business    / General Business

In this assignment you are going to analyze the Verizon Vodafone sale from Vodafone’s perspective. Specifically analyze how this transaction fits Vodafone’s Global Strategy. Address how this transaction is judged via the CAGE perspective. Does it fit the Better-Off and Best Alternative tests? How should have consideration of the AAA Strategies (Aggregation, Adaptation and Arbitrage) affected the thinking of Vodafone executives while pondering this sale? How does sizeism factor in this sale? Demonstrate if and how the disposition of Verizon Wireless fits into Vodafone’s strategic plan. Finally, having almost completed this capstone course in your judgment was this a good deal for Vodafone– why or why not and will Vodafone regret this sale?

You may want to review the Verizon/ Vodafone case from week 3 and do some outside research.