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Green Click Media Aps – Factsheet
Green Click Media Aps, Lyngvej 1, 9000 Aalborg
Registration date: 08.12.2009
(DKK 1.000)
Gross Profit
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Oporating profit
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Net income before taxes
Net income
Number of employees
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Annual report 2013 is publised primo June 2014

How did Green Click Media originate?
In 2009, the market of online marketing was a market with room for improvement, which was clear from the lack of transparency. Our experience with affiliate-marketing on the American market where the competition is very intensive meant that our know-how within this field left us more than equipped to make a difference compared to our competitors. The main focus was to offer all existing AdWords advertisers a transparent solution where results and understanding were brought together – and this quickly paid off.
How did the idea for the company arise?
Based on solid experience with online marketing, we started optimising web shops for our friends (with a focus on the Danish market) and quickly learned that the condition of the market was critical and even worse than first expected. The level of online advertising in Denmark was on such a low level that with the right planning and the right solution it would open up for a huge untouched potential. Out competencies combined with transparent solution quickly became a sought for commodity and as a result we started a grander task of cleaning up the online market.
Who started the company, was all three partners on board from the beginning?
The current partner, Kenneth Jørgensen, was the founder of Green Click Media in cooperation with two others, but just six months later the line of owners was extended with the two current partners, Jan and Michael. Around a year after starting out, two of the three original partners left the project and Green Click Media placed their headquarters in Aalborg. A strategy regarding selling cheaper and smaller solutions through phone calls instead of expensive and extensive solutions with physical customer meetings completely altered the core concept of the business and after a year the growth was not showing any signs of stopping.
How is the managerial responsibility and tasks divided between the partners? Are parts of the managerial tasks delegated to employees?
A number of areas has been delegated but the company is still young and has experienced explosive growth so despite a strong foundation there are essential areas that have to be handled by a responsible management (compared to what would have been the case for an older company)
Management tasks and areas of responsibility
Kenneth: Sales and marketing
Jan: Development and web solutions
Michael: Strategic sales and PR
There are many more positions in circulation but there is a clear goal that management should gradually be freed from the daily routines in Green Click Media and focus on development and growth. This is a central part of our five year plan.
What considerations are behind the management structure?
The structure is very intuitively constructed where each individual takes advantage of their specific competencies and handles the managerial decisions relating to their field.
What is the formal organizational structure?
We have full faith in freedom under responsibility and doubt that there are many companies in Denmark with 40+ employees that have a flatter structure. Everyone’s opinion is being heard and there are competencies among the employees that management does not possess and could easily benefit from. In both sales and production there are however KPIs that indicate value and productivity.
Overall there are three partners on the first level and the rest are split up into teams with individual areas of responsibilities and goals. Regarding the individual employee’s goals there is a follow up meeting once a month or when needed.
What do you see as your biggest challenge in regards to staff and the market?
When looking at the employees, HR and recruitment are vital focus areas for 2014. HR/economics proficiency for the administrations department has a high priority, both to secure getting a more efficient recruitment procedure but also to increase the well-being within the company so that employees to an even larger extent are rewarded for professional business initiatives as well as personal matters. In relation to this, a procedure for handling crises and established health insurance for the employees has been made.
Who is the typical customer?
Danish SME’s who wish to strengthen their position online. Our core products within online marketing are Google AdWords, SEO and webpages.
Are you only working with select segment – and in that case which ones?
Our customer segmentation primarily depends on the seasons. This is vital for the relevancy of our solutions. For instance web shop owners are not to be contacted in busy periods (Christmas, flag days, religious festivals etc.) but instead with an early pre-emptive approach. By doing this the customer gets an understanding for planning you marketing and be ready to reach the customers when the need arises. Marketing initiated in the very last moment, like in the beginning of December, is the equivalent of refilling gas while driving.

AP degree in Marketing Management
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Written examination
Case proposal 1st External Multidisciplinary Case Exam
Introduction to 24-hours preparation
Handout Monday 2 June 2014
At 8:30
All written materials are allowed at the exam. This case handout consists of 3 pages incl. front page and appendices
Ordinary examination
AP degree in Marketing Management
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Below you find a description of the problem area which you have 24 hours from now to prepare. Your preparation should be based on the information handed out today, including links to relevant sources. All supplementary sources of information you may find relevant are allowed with one exception: it is strictly forbidden to contact the company at any circumstances.
Tomorrow at the 4-hour written examination you will get one/more specific questions related to the problem areas below. Additional information relating to the question(s) may be handed out tomorrow, at the day of the exam.
Your answer must begin with an outline, in which all relevant areas are listed. Include relevant theories/models from several subject areas, such as:
? International marketing incl. statistics
? Economics
? Business law
? Communication, organization and logistics/SCM
In the outline you are to explain which areas you have selected for an in-depth analysis and those you might have chosen not to include and explain why you have left them out.
Your answer will, among other criteria, be judged by your ability to use the curriculum in which you have been taught the first year of the education, interdisciplinary.
On the day of the exam all aids and utilities are allowed, including the internet. It is, however, not permitted to communicate during the exam, neither physically nor electronically, or to submit fully or partially identical answers. Furthermore, students are not allowed to contact the company or its cooperative partners. Breach of these rules will be considered cheating and you will be expelled from the exam.
The total length of your paper should be max 24000 characters (including spaces) incl. appendices, but excluding cover page. Due to the limited number of allowed pages, you are encouraged to limit the use of appendices.
With regard to the handing in of the paper we refer to the individual schools’ specific requirements and demands.
AP degree in Marketing Management
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Green Click Media is a company located in Northern Jutland, which was founded in 2009 and has been growing rapidly ever since. Today, the five year old company thus has 41 employees and often hires new employees to manage the increasing number of tasks. The company primarily offers products within online marketing: AdWords, SEO (search engine optimisation) and website solutions.
Green Click’s own description of the three solutions:
Google AdWords
Google AdWords is for you, who wish to reach out to interested customers who already ask for your products and services. Advertisement with Google AdWords is quality advertisement as you do not just minimise the number of irrelevant inquiries but also adapt and optimise your marketing to match your customers’ need to the smallest detail.
For instance, use geographical demarcation so you are only visible in areas where your paying customers live, or negative keywords so you do not spend money without getting anything in return. Google AdWords is for the cost-conscious company owner who wants results for every marketing dollar spent.
Effective SEO - Gain more visibility on Google
Have you experienced how visibility on Google has a striking effect on your customers buying behaviour? With SEO you can make this tendency become your advantage. If the attractive placement at the top of Google is your competitor’s when your products and services are asked for, there is only one reason for this: Your competitor is more relevant. The truth may be different but on the basis of your placement, Google decides what your website tells about you. With SEO your website is optimised to match 1) Google’s requirements and 2) your customer’s needs. It should be obvious for everyone to see what the output of collaborating with you is. In the right hands, SEO is a future-oriented investment that reveals your position in the business and strengthens your competitiveness in the battle of customers.
Roughly said, SEO is all about making Google aware that what you offer is exactly what your customers need. Therefore, you should select a number of keywords that matches your core product, and with a thorough SEO effort you will experience a better placement on Google when your keywords are used. If there is any doubt concerning which keywords you should choose, we have a variety of tools that can help you find the most used keywords within your industry.
Make visitors become customers with a new website
AP degree in Marketing Management
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Your company’s website is the centre for your online presence. This is where you meet the customers and it is therefore crucial that the signals they receive are well-considered. As your primary online sales channel, your website should present your products or services in a simple and reliable way so your visitors become your customers.
At Green Click Media we put a great honour in combining fine and well-considered Danish design with modern and user-friendly functions. Taking a starting point in your business and your customers, we tailor the website to strengthen your online business.
Problem area
Green Click Media operates in an industry with a business culture that has been dominated by bad players on the market, who sell opaque products where customers either do not get what they pay for or pay for something useless. The cornerstone for Green Click Media is therefore transparent – the customers should be able to see and understand what they buy. This fundamental principle has produced results, and made Green Click Media capable of differentiating itself from other providers who just looks for fast profit.
In line with the growth of Green Click Media, the company is beginning to look across the Danish borders. In this connection, Green Click Media has hired you to make an analysis of the German market for AdWords, SEO and website solutions concerning entering the German market. You are very much expected to find and use relevant information.
Appendix 1: Green Click Media Fact Sheet
Appendix 2: Q&A from Green Click Media
Appendix 3: Green Click Media Webpage Extract
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