The Museum Paper: A written formal analysis of a visual work of cincinnati art museum

To truly appreciate art you must see it and experience it in person in an unfettered way. Based on the readings and lectures in our intro to Art class you are to write a 3 page (double spaced, 12pt. Font) formal analysis of a work of art at Cincinnati Art Museum. You make take as many notes as you would like while visiting the museum and then organize and type your paper.

The aim of this written analysis is to demonstrate your ability to heighten your sensitivity to the visual elements you perceive. Additionally, to speak to the purpose of the art work and use of design principles used to create the piece.

You must identify all the formal elements in the piece and if it applies the context in which it is placed. Please be very specific in describing each part of the art piece you are analyzing and how all the formal elements are placed in relationship to one another and you (the viewer) to create the specific composition you are observing. How does the viewer move across the piece what is causing that movement?, etc.

In addition to the formal analysis which should be the focus. You must also address your interpretation of what the content of the work is and how the formal (visual) elements support that interpretation. It will be important to also write about what the purpose of the work is (to communicate information, for day to day living, personal expression, etc.)

Your written analysis should include but is not limited to the following:

Title, artist, type of work material and size, date, context (if applicable

Visual elements (shape (curvilinear, geometric, organic) Mass, color, line, value, unity and variety, composition, balance, movement, unity, variety, rhythm, stillness, motion (what visual elements cause balance, movement, unity, variety, etc.), scale, point of view (perspective), focal point, emphasis, subordination, etc..

A brief statement stating your opinion of the content of the work. Since this is a formal analysis of a work of art it this statement should be limited to one or two sentences.