For your drama essay, choose one or more of the full-length plays from the class textbook and write an analytical essay in response to a topic of your own choosing. Since a drama analysis is pretty much just like a fiction analysis, you can use any of the approaches for writing about fiction for writing about drama (see above folder). You can, if you wish, choose to link the play to another play in the book in a comparison/contrast essay, or you can use one of the topics raised in the class Discussion Forum. Whatever topic you choose, remember that, as with the previous essays, the drama essay must be analytical in focus--don't summarize the play (and don't follow the order of the play's plot to organize your essay). In order to maintain unity in the essay, you should focus on one character only, unless you are writing a comparison/contrast essay (in which case you should have a unifying theory and make parallel points about the two characters). Essays which attempt to analyze all four main characters always turn out to be disunified and pretty wretched--please avoid the temptation to just toss together four unconnected character analyses. The essay should be at least 750 words in length. No outside sources are to be used, only from the text book: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature.