Here is the cash flow for Amerco Inc. for the last 3 years! on the link here
1. Describe each Operating, Investing and Financing cash flows and explain the numbers if it's good or bad for the company! Put the table first and underneath it explain for each operating, investing and financing.
2. Find the cash flow ratios for each year 2010, 2011 and 2012,, Run all of the cash flow ratios, for example, A.EBITDA. B.EBITDAR. C.Oper. Income + Depr./Amort. D.Cash Flow Coverage (EBITDA/P+I+T+Dist.). E.Cash Use (EBITDA/P+I+T+CAPEX). F.Dividend payout ratio. ,,(Put in each table (For example, Run dividend payout ratio for the 3 years separately and talk about it) first for each ratio separately and underneath it explain for each one alone, and comment on it. Also, write trend for each compared to the industry.)
3. Analyze free cashflow.
4. Analyze ability for service debt.
5. At the end, write about the overall performance of Cash Flow (And include the dividend strategy of the company).