Diversity has become an increasing topic of focus in the workplace. Demographic trends in the United States have led to increased workplace diversity which includes the following:

    There are more women in the workforce than ever before.
    Aging adults, many of whom are working beyond the typical retirement age
    Multiple generations who have distinctive wants and needs
    Cultural differences such as locations, languages, and work and business ethics
    Other factors, which have contributed to the complexity of managing an organization and its human capital

There are legal/regulatory requirements relative to workforce diversity. In addition, many organizations have developed comprehensive diversity programs to respond to these trends as well as to support organizational strategies. Given your groups expertise on the topic of diversity, you have been asked to contribute an article to an industry publication on workplace diversity.

Group Project Guidelines:

    Your group should prepare an article on diversity that covers the following:
        A summary of trends leading to increased diversity in the workplace
        The general impact of diversity on organizations
        What are strategies that companies have implemented or should consider implementing to effectively address the challenges and opportunities of workplace diversity? Refer to a best practices model of at least one organization in any industry that has successfully implemented an innovative diversity program, which can be modified and replicated on some level
        How does diversity help to strengthen the workforce?
        What are some examples of conflicts that can arise due to diversity? How can they be solved?
    The Small Group Discussion Board is available for your collaboration.

Your submitted Group Project (200 points) must include the following:

    One group submission of 5–7 pages that covers all the aspects of the group project guidelines
        2 references per group member, include all references in APA format.