ADM 5302 – Unit VI Essay Ethical Analysis

ADM 5302 – Unit VI Essay Ethical Analysis

ADM 5302 – Unit VI Essay Ethical Analysis

Subject: Business    / Management

Unit VI Essay

Ethical Analysis

Select a work-related ethical scenario that you (or someone close to you) have experienced. Organizations and names should be changed when identifying references in the assignment. Compose an essay that addresses the following requirements:

? Identify the key positions, titles, and assigned responsibilities in the organization.

? Discuss and illustrate the individual pressures faced and how the issues were handled or delegated to another position.

? Describe how changing attitudes and behaviors evolved as the incidents occurred.

? Compare and contrast the behaviors in the scenario with the philosophical theories of ethical decision-making that are referenced in Unit II. Examples may include Utilitarianism or Deontology application.

? Illustrate any mishandling of the decision-making process that resulted in lessons learned.

? Summarize what you have learned from an analysis of this event.

Your response should be at least 500 words in length (not including the references page) in APA style. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citation.